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A Life of Doubt

My husband always jokes that I have an outsized ego for my petite 5’1″ stature. I clearly have a bit of a Napolean complex.

It was this completely unwarranted confidence that allowed me to be crazy enough to quit my corporate job and pursue something creative. However, over the last two years, I’ve never been filled with such doubt. Creative work is incredibly hard even if you have the knack and taste for it. It never feels finished. It never feels good enough. And everyday you wonder, “Am I creating work that matters?”

So what can you do about all this doubt? The video below spoke to all the emotions I feel on a daily basis, and provided some comfort and advice. It’s well worth a watch for any aspiring creator or maker. If you’re a This American Life fan like I am, the familiar voice of Ira Glass will provide additional comfort.

My days are still filled with doubt and disappointment but they are also filled with constant creation, and the more I create, the less room there is for doubt. I hope the same goes for you.